As the first round of states end their legislative sessions, we’ve come to that bittersweet time of year where we continue to celebrate our progress and reflect on setbacks. This week, we’ll look at Death with Dignity bills that are still making their way through the legislature, bills that fell short of passage, and how the opposition used resolutions as a political tactic to restrict autonomy and choice at the end of life.

Here’s what happened this week:

Public Hearings and Readings

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s HB1283 received an executive session in the House Judiciary Committee on March 6. The bill cleared the committee with a 13-7 vote in favor, and the next step is a House floor vote!


Minnesota’s HF1930 had a public hearing in the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee on March 7, after which the bill was passed out of committee by an 8-6 vote in favor. The bill has now been re-referred to the House Committee for Judiciary Finance and Civil Law where it is expected to have another public hearing.


Colorado’s SB068, an amendment to the End of Life Options Act, was changed to no longer include a provision to eliminate the state’s residency requirement. The amendment will now reduce the waiting period from 15 to 7 days, and provide a 48-hour fast track for patients who are likely to die during the waiting period. SB068 received its second reading in the Senate Appropriations Committee on March 7 and passed without further amendments.

Defeated Bills


Virginia’s SB280 had a public hearing in the House Courts of Justice on March 4. The House committee voted via unrecorded voice vote to carry the bill over to the 2025 session, ending its chances of passing this year. Nevertheless, Virginia made history in 2024 by pushing a Death with Dignity bill further than ever before, thanks to the advocacy of our chief sponsor, Ghazala Hashmi, and Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton.


In Maryland, the House Judiciary Committee chose not to vote on HB403 after it was determined the bill would fall two to three votes short in the Senate. As a result, the bill will not advance any further this session despite two powerful hearings in the legislature, where dozens of advocates shared why Death with Dignity is needed in Maryland.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s S2093 had a public hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. After the hearing, the committee recommended that the measure be held for further study.

Opposition Bills

As we mentioned last week, we’ve observed our opponents pursuing a new strategy that creates barriers to accessing Death with Dignity including the introduction of resolutions that express anti-Death with Dignity statements and in the long run can make it more difficult for states to pass medical aid in dying legislation in the future.

West Virginia

West Virginia’s resolution HJR28 was reported to be adopted with amendments and received a first reading in the Senate.


Indiana’s resolution SCR0017 has crossed over from the Senate to the House.

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