We’re three months into the 2024 legislative session, and some bills could soon become law! Virginia’s bill is revived in the House, multiple state legislatures are referring bills to public hearings, and we have the latest on the anti-medical aid in dying (MAID) bills and resolutions the opposition has introduced.

Here’s the news from the last two weeks:

New Bills Introduced


California introduced SB1196, an amendment to the End of Life Option Act. This is a placeholder bill, and additional language will be added on or after March 16. It has been three years since California passed an amendment to their Death with Dignity law. Stay tuned for more information on how the bill will provide greater access to MAID for Californians.

Committee Referrals


In Illinois, SB3499 was assigned to the Senate Executive Committee. The bill has also gained 6 Chief Co-Sponsors since the bill was introduced at the beginning of February!

Public Hearings


Colorado’s SB068, an amendment to the End of Life Options Act had a public hearing on February 29. The motion passed on a vote of 7-1 in favor and the bill has been referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, an executive session was held for HB1283 on February 15 in the House Judiciary Committee. Amendments were introduced to the committee, and the House Judiciary Committee will meet again on March 6 at 10AM EST to vote on the bill. Tune in to watch here!


In Virginia, after nearly dying when it crossed over to the House of Delegates, SB280 was rescued by the House Committee for Courts of Justice! The bill now awaits a public hearing referral.

Opposition Bills

This year, we’ve seen a rise in opposition bills and resolutions that threaten current or future Death with Dignity laws. Part of our mission at Death with Dignity is to defend and protect MAID laws, and that starts with educating the public on the opposition’s insidious plans to take away the right to choose at the end of life.

Learn more about how religiously motivated opponents are working to take away your end-of-life options on our blog post here.

West Virginia

A tactic the opposition has utilized in this session to delegitimize Death with Dignity is introducing anti-MAID resolutions. Unlike bills that are introduced to the legislature, resolutions do not enact official legislation, but instead add barriers to passing future MAID legislation.

In West Virginia, two resolutions, HCR74 and HR8, were introduced to officially express that the state of West Virginia “rejects euthanasia”. HCR74 has crossed over to the Senate and has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and HR8 received a public hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on February 7.

A third resolution, HJR28 seeks to add a new section to the West Virginia Constitution to protect West Virginians from “medically-assisted suicide or euthanasia.” If the resolution is passed by ⅔ of the members of the House and Senate, the amendment would be placed on the ballot for West Virginia voters to approve or decline in the 2024 election. HJR28 has crossed over to the Senate and has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Indiana introduced resolutions HCR0019 and SCR0017, both of which express that the state of Indiana “opposes and condemns assisted suicide.” SCR0017 has been passed by the Senate Committee on Health and Provider Services and adopted, and HCR0019 has not yet received a committee referral.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, Assemblyman Robert Auth has introduced A407 which repeals New Jersey’s Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act. Auth also introduced A406, which would update the crimes of coercing a patient to request medication under New Jersey’s Death with Dignity law.

Both bills have been referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee. 

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