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West Virginia


Death with Dignity Opponents are Active in West Virginia

In this session, West Virginia lawmakers introduced three resolutions, each seeking to create an official anti-Death with Dignity stance in the state of West Virginia.

Of them, only one succeeded in passing, HJR28. The resolution officially placed a question on the 2024 ballot asking voters to approve a constitutional amendment that would forbid physicians and healthcare providers from participating in “medically assisted suicide.”

While medical aid in dying is already illegal under current West Virginia law, if passed, this constitutional amendment would mark the first time any state amended its constitution to explicitly prohibit aid-in-dying, opening up a new avenue for opponents to deny terminally ill patients the right to make their own end-of-life decisions.

SIGN OUR PETITION to help us resist our opponent’s efforts to prevent terminally ill West Virginians from ever accessing Death with Dignity. We’ll share with you actions you can take to make sure this ballot measure doesn’t pass in November.


West Virginia

Timeline of Death with Dignity in West Virginia



Senate Passes Resolution

  •  HJR28 is passed in the Senate 28-4 with an amendment. The House concurs with the amendment and passes the resolution 88-10. This resolution adds a new section to the West Virginia Constitution to protect West Virginians from “medically-assisted suicide or euthanasia.” HJR28 will be on the ballot for West Virginia voters to approve or decline in the 2024 election.
  • HJR28 is reported to be adopted with amendments and receives a first reading in the Senate.
  • HCR74 crosses over to the Senate and is referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and HR8 receives a public hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on February 7.
  • Two resolutions, HCR74 and HR8, are introduced to officially express that the state of West Virginia “rejects euthanasia”.