Over the past week, several states have progressed toward making Death with Dignity a reality for terminally ill residents. We saw legislation across the country receive crucial committee referrals and public hearings.

Here’s the latest: 

New Bills Introduced


Illinois introduced the End of Life Options for Terminally Ill Patients Act (SB3499). It passed the first reading and was referred to the Senate Assignments Committee.

Public Hearings

Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s H7100 received a public hearing on February 15 in the House Judiciary Committee. This is the bill’s first public hearing of the 2024 session.


Maryland’s HB403 has a public hearing scheduled in the House Government Operations Committee today, February 16. The bill is pending a committee vote.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, an executive session was scheduled for HB1283 on February 15 in the House Judiciary Committee. The bill did not receive a vote, and the committee will meet again next week to discuss possible amendments.

Bills Referred to Committees


Massachusetts’ S1331 was reported favorably by the Joint Committee on Public Health and is likely headed to the Senate Ways & Means Committee. This is the first time the bill has been voted out of the Joint Committee on Public Health since 2020!


Minnesota’s HF1930 was adopted as amended by the House Health Finance and Policy Committee and re-referred to the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee.

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