In the past two weeks, Death with Dignity bills have made impressive strides in state legislatures across the country! While we’re already four months into the legislative session, medical aid in dying (MAID) bills are still progressing, gaining support from passionate lawmakers and advocates. 

Here’s the latest:

Floor Votes


Colorado’s SB068, passed its third reading in the House with a 41-20 in favor vote! The bill is now on its way to Governor Jared Polis’ desk for approval. This amendment reduces the waiting period from 15 to 7 days and expands the number of practitioners who can participate in the law. 

This is the first time the law has been amended to expand access to terminally ill patients since it was passed in 2016! We could not be more thankful to the Colorado MAID advocates and bill sponsors State Representative Kyle Brown, State Representative Elisabeth Epps, and State Senator Joann Ginal for their tireless efforts in passing this amendment.

Committee Referrals


In Illinois, SB3499’s amendment was referred to the Senate Executive Committee and the Senate Subcommittee on End-of-Life Issues. This is the first time Illinois has made progress on Death with Dignity legislation since 1997!


Massachusetts S1331 was reported favorably by the Joint Committee on Public Health and was referred to the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing. If passed, more than seven million Bay Staters would have access to Death with Dignity.

Bill Amendments

New York

In New York amendments were made to A995 and S2445 by their respective Health Committees. These amendments reinforce that health insurance companies cannot deny coverage based on a patient’s decision to participate or not participate in MAID. The amendment also broadens the criteria for who cannot serve as a witness and extends legal immunity to healthcare providers who opt out of participating in the Death with Dignity process.

Public Hearings

California’s SB1196, an amendment to the End of Life Option Act, is scheduled for a public hearing on April 22 in the Senate Health Committee.

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