Legislative efforts continue pushing forward as one-year and two-year sessions across the country grind through the business of policy-making and setting state budgets. While states like Georgia and Florida have already adjourned for the year, states like New York and Massachusetts will continue slugging it out for months to come. Here’s the latest news on Death with Dignity:

Death with Dignity State Map
  • Hawai’i and Vermont amendments to expand access to existing Death with Dignity laws have progressed strongly, despite efforts to upend the process by unfriendly proposed additions. Hawai’i’s bill is likely to head to conference committee unless a proposed amendment for effective date is withdrawn. Vermont’s House recently voted to disapprove an additional amendment seeking to limit the original telemedicine bill by requiring the initial patient-physician visit to still be in person. The Vermont House voted down the unfriendly addition, then passed the telemedicine language as submitted. This bill is on the way to the Governor’s desk next.
  • Massachusetts’ bill sits with the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing, awaiting its fate. Frustrated by that? We are too, and we’re working to shake it loose.
  • Connecticut’s bill failed to advance this session and Rhode Island’s bill is currently being held by a committee recommendation for “further study.”
  • While Texas and Florida do not have active bills this session, there’s exciting movement in these two states as advocates on the ground keep pushing forward. In Texas, medical students are pushing on the Texas Medical Association to review their oppositional stance, and in Florida, our partners recently attended the debut film festival screening of Jack Has a Plan, a real-life story with real-life impact.

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