To Our Supporters:

As the international emergency around the coronavirus (COVID-19) unfolds, we wish to update you about what is happening in our movement and how we are responding and adapting.

State Legislatures Respond to Crisis

This crisis requires legislatures to focus on their state’s response as our country and the world struggle to contain the virus. Many important issues have been tabled as the legislatures deal with the immediate crisis.

Of the state legislatures where death with dignity and related bills are still under consideration, thus far Connecticut has postponed hearings and instituted voting by phone; GeorgiaHawaii, and New York have suspended their legislative sessions; and Maryland is adjourning early, on March 18.

We don’t know for sure what these and other state legislatures will do as the crisis worsens, but we anticipate more closures and suspensions in the coming hours and days. We are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you updated.

Our Work Continues

Our work of bringing end-of-life options to all Americans will continue, but like you, we are focused on the crisis gripping our nation.

We had a successful hearing on the End-of-Life Option Act in Maryland. In Massachusetts we continued to lobby for the End of Life Options Act and are coordinating efforts with our partners. In New York, our friends at End of Life Choices New York recently helped secure the support of The Arc New York for the Medical Aid in Dying Act. This important endorsement by the organization which works to “improve the quality of life for people with developmental and other disabilities” emphatically demonstrates there is support for death with dignity in the disability community.

Staying Safe and Connected…at Home

While advocating for policy reform, at Death with Dignity National Center we are also following the health and social distancing recommendations issued by the CDC and the Oregon Governor, and we have shifted to remote-based work.

We hope that you, too, are able to stay safe at home.

As we remain sequestered in our homes to keep the social distance needed to slow the spread of the virus, we can come together to advocate for death with dignity online. You can keep informed about end-of-life options and what’s happening in our movement here at our website or on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s stay connected in our common mission as we weather this storm together.