Angela Large is a long-time veterinary technician in Alvin, Texas.

In 1998 my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She underwent a surgery but the disease progressed and she ended up suffering immensely. Though doctors kept saying pain management was making my mom more comfortable, it wasn’t enough.

Angela Large as a girl with her family, year unknown

My mom knew about Oregon’s then-new law and told me she wanted the option. I researched it but relocation just wasn’t feasible. Because in our state, we had no way of helping her end her life peacefully, she continued suffering for months, even with the help of hospice. She died three weeks after she’d stopped eating and drinking.

The experience has haunted me day and night since. No person should have to go through what she went through. I’ll never be the same, everything inside me changed.

Angela Large, before her mother died, year unknown

You shouldn’t have to uproot yourself and your family to use the Death with Dignity option. People everywhere should have the choice to prevent their own undue suffering at the end of life.