The truth about the most difficult moments of our lives is that, if we are lucky, we go through them with a loved one by our side. Love is the foundation — what supports us, what encourages us, and what helps us smile when we most need it. For Liz DiCarlo and Bev Baccelli, love is their reality. And, love is present in all of their advocacy for Death with Dignity.

Bev has suffered from multiple sclerosis since she was 27, and she’s been living with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer, for 14 years. Bev wants Death with Dignity once her terminal illness becomes unbearable — to avoid needless suffering and a painful death. Bev wants to die peacefully and, of course, with Liz by her side.

When we spoke with Liz and Bev last year, it was abundantly clear to everyone who listened to their story that their advocacy efforts for Death with Dignity were rooted in love.

Allowing someone to die on their own terms is an act of love — a right we should all have.