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State Leadership Program

Our state partners are fighting to expand access to Death with Dignity.

Death with Dignity’s mission focuses on improving how people with a terminal illness die. We know some people die in horrible ways as terminal illness overtakes them. In our current healthcare landscape, that is undeniable. And, it’s unacceptable. 

Our State Leadership Program funds grassroots efforts to raise awareness about Death with Dignity.

From organizing a conversation or event, to developing an independent nonprofit organization, we support work that connects and empowers individuals in all fifty states to advocate for end-of-life options. 

Interested in submitting a partnership project proposal? Proposals are considered on a rolling basis. Please complete the form on this page for additional information.

Past Projects

Arizona End of Life Options used their award for building outreach programs to increase awareness and engage Arizonans in the movement.

Florida Death with Dignity on first establishing as a grassroots organization, created a website and print materials for their developing community outreach and educational programs. 

Georgians for End of Life Options developed their website, is engaging in social media outreach, and is laying groundwork to register as a 501(c)(3).

Dying Right North Carolina, a 501(c)(3), coordinated multiple public seminars to educate legislators and is building a social media presence to raise awareness, while pursuing passage of a legislative study on end-of-life options in North Carolina that includes aid in dying.

Maine Death with Dignity, a 501(c)(3), used grant funds for capacity building over three legislative sessions. Later, additional funds from Death with Dignity supported a ballot initiative effort that ultimately culminated in partnering with legislative champions for the passage of the Maine Death with Dignity Act in 2019.

End of Life Options New Mexico built capacity and momentum with their award, ultimately winning enactment of the Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act in 2021. The group now works on implementation efforts while pursuing their 501(c)(3) determination with the IRS.

Ohio End of Life Options, a 501(c)(3),  used their grant to refine its website and develop marketing materials, including a video story, for a more effective presence at community gatherings and professional conferences throughout the state.