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Explore the Death with Dignity roadmap series

Join us in our Dignity50 Roadmap Series.

Learn why Oregon’s ground-breaking Death with Dignity Act is the model all other states have used and how the law has been enhanced over time. Learn how to recognize opposition messaging and how you might respond. Finally, learn about the legislative process in general, and the significant role grassroots advocates play in affecting change at the state level.

Our self-paced series consists of three topics:

  1. Model Language and Terminology (approximately 30 minutes)
  2. Points of View (approximately 40 minutes)
  3. The Legislative Process (approximately 45 minutes)

We are looking forward to being on the road with you!

Carefully verify your first and last name, email address, and 5-digit zip code prior to submitting your enrollment data, otherwise we may be unable to reach you. Please check your spam folder for a confirmation email from us after you sign up.

Enjoy the series!


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