In 2023, Death with Dignity got the chance to sit down with legislators from across New York and speak with them about why they support Death with Dignity. What we heard from legislators included tremendous insights into how their professional backgrounds, religious beliefs, and stories from their families and constituents shaped their perspectives.

Because of the incredible success of the videos, and the conversations they sparked within our movement and in Albany, we decided to re-visit the project in 2024 and find a new group of legislators to share why they are Death with Dignity allies and shine a light on their personal stories for supporting the New York Medical Aid in Dying Act.

Like last year, all six of the featured elected officials were the type of activist-legislators who are just as invested in passing Death with Dignity laws as we are, and that is why they are our champions.

This video comes on the heels of several incredibly exciting updates in our New York Campaign, including the release of a YouGov poll that found 72% of New Yorkers to be in favor of Death with Dignity, the New York State Bar Associations’ first-ever endorsement of the New York Medical Aid in Dying Act, and an ever-growing list of legislative sponsors from across the entire state.

All of this means that by sharing the video now, you can help maintain the momentum we need to ensure that 2024 is the year we pass the New York Medical Aid in Dying Act.

This year’s video featured Assemblymember Amy Paulin, Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas, Assemblymember Kenny Burgos, Assemblymember Anna Kelles, Assemblymember Catalina Cruz, and Senator Nathalia Fernandez.