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We’re Building Momentum in Ohio

Help bring Death with Dignity to your state! Together, we can fight to ensure that people with terminal illness can decide how and when to die on their own terms.

Will you join us and our state partner, Ohio End of Life Options, to advocate for a Death with Dignity law in Ohio?

SIGN OUR PETITION to let us know you’re ready to bring Death with Dignity to Ohio, and we’ll share the ways you can get involved in the fight locally and nationally.


Our Partner: Ohio End of Life Options

Timeline of Death with Dignity in Ohio



Ohio joins other states in fighting for Death with Dignity

Ohio lawmakers introduce SB249, Ohio Aid in Dying Act. A sponsor hearing on the bill takes place but the bill does not advance. An October 2018 survey by Public Policy Polling finds 87 percent of Ohioans support the right to “die in as humane and dignified a manner as they see fit,” while 75 percent support Death with Dignity legislation.

The fight’s not over

Join our movement to help people in other states fight for their right to die on their own terms.