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There is no current activity around death with dignity in Nebraska.

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Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers (I-North Omaha) renewed his effort to pass an assisted dying bill by introducing LB 450, Patient Choice at End of Life Act, on January 17, 2017. A hearing was announced for March 15.

The bill was carried over to 2018 and did not advance.


Senator Chambers introduced an identical bill to LB 450 (2017) in the previous session, in 2016. LB 1056, Patient Choice at End of Life Act, was heard in the House Judiciary Committee while Governor Ricketts tweeted he opposed “assisted suicide.” The House Judiciary Committee voted 4-4 on the bill on March 1, which effectively ended the bill’s progress through the legislature.


Oregon-style assisted-dying bills were considered in Nebraska in the 1990’s, in 1996 (LB 1259), 1997 (LB 406), and 1999 (LB 70).

In 1937, State Senator John H. Stock introduced the Voluntary Euthanasia Act, but the bill never went to vote.