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There is no legislative activity around death with dignity in Michigan this session.

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Michigan State Representatives Tom Cochran (D-Mason) and Pam Farris (D-Clio) on March 30, 2017 introduced HB 4461, which outlines the procedure for physician-assisted death. On the same day, Michigan State Representative Kevin Hertel (D-St. Clair Shores) introduced HB 4462, which stipulates penalties.


In 1998, grassroots proponents of physician-assisted dying attempted to emulate the success of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act and introduced Proposal B, modeled after the Oregon law. The bill lost by a 3:1 margin, with 71 percent of Michiganders voting against it.

Legislative attempts, none of which made much progress, took place in 1994 (HB 4134), 1995 (SB 640), 1997 (SB 653), and 1998 (HB 5474).

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