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In 2021, the Delaware Death with Dignity Act, HB 140, was assigned to the House Health & Human Development Committee on the final day of the session, just before the Delaware General Assembly adjourned. Follow on our Legislative Tracker.



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A 2020 GBAO Strategies poll found 72 percent of Delaware residents support aid in dying legislation.



HB 140, introduced by Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach (D-23), was heard in a House committee and later pulled from consideration by the sponsor.


On May 2, 2017, Representative Paul Baumbach introduced HB 160, End of Life Options Act. Assigned to the House Health and Human Development Committee, it went to the full House after a Committee vote of 1 in favor, 5 on its merits, and 2 opposed. The bill received amendments on June 28. No further action occurred in 2017.

Rolled to 2018, the bill received another amendment, and a vote in the House was twice delayed. The bill did not advance.


In 2015, Representative Paul Baumbach sponsored HB 150. While the bill did not have enough support to move forward, another bill in the same session related to end-of-life options did become law: HB 64, Delaware Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment Act. The statute authorizes a medical order (DMOST) which is transportable, standardized, and implements a patient’s end-of-life care preferences.