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Death with Dignity National Center’s State Report Navigator is a tool to help users easily locate and research state reports related to aid-in-dying.

It is important to note there are differences between the states for how they collect and report data, so it is not possible to provide an easy or reliable way to compare more detailed state-to-state report data. Some examples of this are:

  • Oregon reported numbers are sometimes corrected by later reports. Our table show the state’s most updated numbers for each year;
  • Vermont publishes a biennial report since 2017 and the reporting period begins July 1. Vermont’s first report encompasses 2013-2017;
  • Colorado reports prescriptions written against prescriptions dispensed, but does not report the number of patient deaths related to ingesting the medication;
  • In New Jersey, the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner reports “medical aid in dying cases” but the report is not clear whether “case” means the number of attending physician compliance forms received (these indicate a prescription was written for a patient), the number or pharmacy dispensing records received, or the number of patient deaths from ingesting medication (which could be arrived at with the required follow-up report from the physician).

For clarity, please also note the following:

  • for all states but Colorado and New Jersey, our table shows prescriptions written and patient deaths by medication ingestion;
  • for New Jersey, our table shows the number of “cases” reported by the state and leaves patient deaths by medication ingestion unfilled;
  • for Colorado, our table shows prescriptions written and leaves patient deaths by medication ingestion unfilled;
  • where we identify a year, we are referring to the time period that relates to a specific data set and not to the date a state published the report.

State Report Navigator

StateYearPrescriptionsPrescription DeathsReport Link
CALIFORNIA20161911112016 Report
CALIFORNIA20175773742017 Report
CALIFORNIA20184523372018 Report
CALIFORNIA20196184052019 Report
CALIFORNIA20206774352020 Report
CALIFORNIA20217724862021 Report
CALIFORNIA20221,2708532022 Report
COLORADO2017692017 Report
COLORADO20181252018 Report
COLORADO20191702019 Report
COLORADO20201882020 Report
COLORADO20212222021 Report
COLORADO20223162022 Report
COLORADO20233892023 Report
HAWAI’I2018822018 Report
HAWAI’I201930152019 Report
HAWAI’I202037252020 Report
HAWAI’I202170492021 Report
HAWAI’I202260372022 Report
MAINE2019112019 Report
MAINE202050302020 Report
MAINE202167462021 Report
MAINE202254402022 Report
MAINE20237653<2023 Report
NEW JERSEY2019122019 Report
NEW JERSEY2020332020 Report
NEW JERSEY2021502021 Report
NEW JERSEY2022912022 Report
OREGON199824161998 Report
OREGON199933271999 Report
OREGON200039272000 Report
OREGON200144212001 Report
OREGON200258382002 Report
OREGON200368422003 Report
OREGON200460372004 Report
OREGON200565382005 Report
OREGON200665462006 Report
OREGON200785492007 Report
OREGON200888602008 Report
OREGON200995592009 Report
OREGON201097652010 Report
OREGON2011114712011 Report
OREGON2012116852012 Report
OREGON2013121732013 Report
OREGON20141551052014 Report
OREGON20152181352015 Report
OREGON20162041332016 Report
OREGON20172181432017 Report
OREGON20182491682018 Report
OREGON20192901882019 Report
OREGON20203702452020 Report
OREGON20213832382021 Report
OREGON20224312782022 Report
OREGON20235603672023 Rport
VERMONT20185229July 2013 – June 2017 Report
VERMONT20203428July 2017 – June 2019 Report
VERMONT20222917July 2019 – June 2021
VERMONT20248472July 2021 – June 2023 Report
WASHINGTON200963362009 Report
WASHINGTON201087512010 Report
WASHINGTON2011103702011 Report
WASHINGTON2012121832012 Report
WASHINGTON20131731192013 Report
WASHINGTON20141761262014 Report
WASHINGTON20152131662015 Report
WASHINGTON20162481922016 Report
WASHINGTON20172121642017 Report
WASHINGTON20182512032018 Report
WASHINGTON20192992252019 Report
WASHINGTON20203402522020 Report
WASHINGTON20213872912021 Report
WASHINGTON20224523632022 Report
WASHINGTON D.C.2017002017 Report
WASHINGTON D.C.2018422018 Report
WASHINGTON D.C.2019752019 Report
WASHINGTON D.C.2020222020 Report
WASHINGTON D.C.2021762021 Report
WASHINGTON D.C.20221182022 Report