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This list of peer-reviewed journal articles about physician-assisted dying and related issues is organized by topic:

  • Implementation of Legislation 
  • Legal Challenges to Legislation 
  • Death with Dignity Laws and End-of-Life Care
    • Palliative Sedation and Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking
  • Ethics of Death with Dignity and People with Disabilities
  • Other Related Topics 
Implementation of Legislation

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Write-up of the study in Kaiser Health News

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Legal Challenges to Legislation 

“Congress, Controlled Substances, and Physician-Assisted Suicide — Elephants in Mousehole.” March 9, 2006. George J. Annas, JD. The New England Journal of Medicine Vol. 354, No. 10, pp. 1079-1084

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Death with Dignity Laws And End-Of-Life Care

“Lessons from Oregon in Embracing Complexity in End-of-Life Care.” March 2017. Susan W. Tolle, MD, Joan M. Teno, MD. New England Journal of Medicine, No. 376, pp. 1078-1082 

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Palliative Sedation And Voluntarily Stopping of Eating And Drinking 

“Terminal Sedation – Good Medicine? Good Ethics? Good Law?” January 2016. Sheila A.M. McLean. QUT Law Review, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 113-124

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Ethics of Death with Dignity And People with Disabilities

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Other Related Topics

“Author(iz)ing Death: Medical Aid-in-Dying and the Morality of Suicide.” February 2019. Anita Hannig. Brandeis University.