We could not be more excited to share some highlights from our Annual Report, but before we do, we want to say one quick thing: THANK YOU!

If there’s one thing that’s apparent after pulling together all of these numbers about increased engagement and direct advocacy, it’s that none of these collective accomplishments could have happened without supporters like you!

That’s right! Sixteen states introduced Death with Dignity legislation and four states with existing aid-in-dying laws introduced amendments to expand access to patients during the last session.

We also saw an overwhelming response from advocates across the country in writing letters to legislators in support of Death with Dignity laws. This collective power is what brings Death with Dignity laws to new states — and creates more access to this vital option. 

This year’s success is thanks to your action, direct support, and continued momentum as we fight together to expand the option for Death with Dignity across the nation.

Download a PDF of our Annual Report by clicking here.