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Call to Action: 2021

January 4, 2021

Policies don’t change because we want them to. Policies change because the voting public demands they do.

The movement for death with dignity is gaining greater momentum with each passing year. At a time in our history where death and dying are more visible than ever, it’s important for us to push even harder for policies that will give terminally ill individuals the option of a peaceful death on their own terms.

You can play a vital role in advocating for change. Here are just a few ways you can hit the ground running this year:

Take action. Through our online Action Center, you may select from a host of advocacy actions to be part of the movement for expanding end-of-life options in your state. Create a personalized action plan tailored to your time and interests.

Sharpen your skills with training and handy tutorials, designed to give you the edge whether you’re writing a letter to the editor or engaging in other advocacy:

Get essential information. Explore current laws using our new State Statute Navigator, a complete, searchable database of currently enacted aid-in-dying laws. Our tools break down the laws by searchable terms, so you can view a specific portion of a particular law and compare the laws side by side.

Keep current. Track the latest action in your state as we enter the 2021 legislative session.

There’s no telling how things are going to shape up as we start this year’s legislative work. But one thing is certain: we’ll be on the front lines, advocating for expanded end-of-life options across the countryjust as we have for more than 25 years.

Now, let’s get to work!


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