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New Stories This Week: Jordan Zweigoron and Lori Novak

December 18, 2015

This week we published two new stories, from California and Minnesota.

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Jordan Zweigoron: Every Entrepreneur Will Want the Option

Jordan Zweigoron is a business broker in San Jose, California.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I almost died in the treatment process, but thankfully I made a full recovery. During the time I was suffering and contemplating the very possible reality of dying, I was very troubled that there was not a peaceful way to make that happen.

I’ve been a small business owner—I’m the founder of Psycho Donuts, “the world’s craziest donut shop”—and also a business broker focusing on helping business owners to sell their business. In both cases, I’ve directly experienced and have seen first hand how physical illness affects an entrepreneur’s ability to effectively run a company.

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Lori Novak: It Happened to My Family

Lori Novak is a registered nurse in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. She watched her father decline and live out his last days in misery.

As a nurse I have seen many suffer in their final days. Then it happened to my family.

My dad battled chronic diseases for 25 years until last year when he was diagnosed with cardiovascular dementia and went blind due to a stroke. At that point he, a proud man who knew what was coming, wanted to die. He refused any further treatments and begged for anyone to take his life or for God to take him.

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