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Create Your Life File


Gather what you’ll need to create a comprehensive end of life plan.

Compiling and organizing your data and documents is a great first step in the end of life planning process. Read on for a comprehensive list of what you need to create a Life File, and resources on will and estate planning, digital estate planning, power of attorney, and securing your social media accounts.


Think about the care you want to receive at the end of your life.

Life’s unpredictability constantly reminds us how important it is for people of all ages and health statuses to think about what they want to happen if they were to become incapacitated. This section covers creating an advanced care directive — one of the best ways to ensure that your care preferences are honored.


Make sure your stuff goes to the people and places you want it to go.

Having a plan for what happens to your possessions after you die is essential. It makes sure your things go where you want them to go, and prevents turmoil, anxiety, and confusion for your loved ones. This section covers how you can protect your physical possessions, digital possessions, and pets when you die.


Think about how you want to be remembered.

Many people want the right to control how their loved ones and their community remember them. And there are ways to have complete control over your remembrance. This section of the Life File covers how you can control your own legacy by planning for your funeral or memorial service, including directions for body disposition, and leaving messages of remembrance.


Let’s make sure your Life File is both protected and accessible when needed.

So you’ve just completed your Life File; or you’ve made significant enough progress that you want to know how to protect it. This section covers the ways you can keep your Life File safe and secure until it is needed; and accessible upon your death.

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