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Join the Dignity Circle 

The Dignity Circle honors those who have included Death with Dignity in their estate plans.

Dignity Circle members provide a solid foundation for our movement’s future. Their thoughtful gifts enable our organization to continue to fight for every person’s most fundamental right—to die on their own terms.

Dignity Circle members receive special invitations to webcasts with movement leaders, advocacy updates, and impact reports.

We can help you choose a planned giving option that meets your financial priorities, honors your personal values, and reflects your philanthropic vision.

There are many options for leaving a gift to Death with Dignity, including:

– Bequest by Will or Trust
– Donor Advised Fund
– Individual Retirement Account
– Life Insurance Policy
– Living Trust
– Charitable Trust
– Gift Annuity

“You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your estate.” -Joyce Axelrod, Retired educator, community volunteer, and Death with Dignity supporter

The Dignity Circle

If you would like to learn more about the Dignity Circle, or if you have already included Death with Dignity in your estate plan, please get in touch! We’ll be happy to share information and resources if you’re considering a planned gift. If you’ve already included Death with Dignity in your planned giving, we’d like to thank you.