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Sign Our Letter Thanking Governor Tina Kotek for Removing Oregon’s Residency Requirement

Last week, Oregon made a huge step forward in removing barriers to medical aid in dying with the signing of HB 2279 by Oregon Governor Tina Kotek. 

Please sign our letter thanking Governor Kotek for her ongoing support for the rights of terminally ill Americans, and ensuring that qualified terminally ill patients everywhere will now have the option to choose Death with Dignity

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See the letter below:

Dear Governor Kotek,

Across the nation, advocates of Death with Dignity watched closely as Oregon’s Legislature grappled over HB 2279, the repeal of the residency requirement in Oregon’s Death with Dignity law.

With your signature, Oregon now again becomes a leader in promoting the rights of terminally ill Americans, joining Vermont as the only two states to remove the unconstitutional residency provisions from the law. HB 2279 was one of five laws passed in 2023 sessions across the country, all improving access and removing barriers to dying patients.

We know there were many critical issues facing Oregon this year. And that the session itself was a huge struggle. But our legislative champions were steadfast in their efforts to send the law, which passed with bipartisan support, to your desk.

We thank you for your strong and ongoing commitment to the rights of dying patients, and indeed, those who are struggling everywhere in these turbulent times.

With great appreciation for your support,

Death with Dignity