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New Jersey legislators need to hear from you!

Death with Dignity is under attack in New Jersey! 

Our opponents have introduced an amendment that, if passed, would repeal the New Jersey Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act. In addition, they have also introduced legislation designed to intimidate physicians and patients by increasing penalties for fraud or coercion. New Jersey cannot go backwards and we will not let terminally ill patients suffer without options!

We need your support, and we need it now! Take two minutes to tell your state legislators to protect and uphold the New Jersey Medical Aid in Dying Act by opposing these dangerous bills and supporting new legislation to expand access to Death with Dignity. 

Just add your name and address, revise the pre-written message if you want, and your letter will be sent to your elected officials.

Help us make 2024 a year where we not only defeat threats to Death with Dignity in New Jersey but also expand it so more terminally ill New Jerseyans have options at the end of life. Write your legislators now!