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Drop Residency Requirements for Death with Dignity

Say YES.

A successful legal argument in Oregon has resulted in a settlement to drop residency requirements for people who want to access Death with Dignity in that state. And, on August 25, 2022, our partners at Compassion & Choices helped file a lawsuit to drop residency requirements in Vermont. 

This news is huge. Ending this requirement breaks one of the greatest barriers to a comfortable death: living in the wrong state. Momentum is growing for expanding access! 

We’re calling on every state with a Death with Dignity law to drop the state residency requirement for access. 

The residency requirement in the first Death with Dignity law was meant to be a safeguard against a flood of people overwhelming the state to use the law. The fact is this never happened in Oregon, contrary to the fears of our opponents. 

The careful use of Oregon’s Death with Dignity law over 25+ years means it’s time to remove needless barriers and support people everywhere who are facing a difficult death.