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Dr. Heidi Henson needs Death with Dignity in Massachusetts

Until last spring, Dr. Heidi Henson was a tall, fit, active 53-year-old woman. She balanced three jobs–head of HR, professor, and owner of a coaching business. She was also an ocean rower, dancer, gardener, Big Sister, and a mother.

Then she was diagnosed with ALS. Now, her thoughts are no longer focused on what she is going to accomplish, but on worrying if she will see another decline in her function.

Dr. Henson wants to be able to choose when and how she dies when the time comes. But she lives in Massachusetts, where the Death with Dignity bill that would give her that right is stuck in committee. The only way it can pass is if Speaker Mariano and Senate President Spilka make it a priority. 

Write Speaker Mariano and Senate President Spilka today and tell them to prioritize passing the End of Life Options Act.