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Volunteer Opportunity: Guest Writer

Our News section is open to guest writers; we aim to publish at least one article per week by someone from outside our organization. Guest articles are typically 400-900 words and tackle an aspect of Death with Dignity, death or dying, or end of life. This is an open-ended opportunity.

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To write for us, you must:

  • be a Death with Dignity supporter;
  • have a unique perspective on or experience with death with dignity or other end-of-life issues;
  • enjoy and have experience writing for web;
  • agree to the terms below; and
  • commit to promoting your guest article in your social media network.

Other Terms

Please note that by submitting your guest article to us you

  1. certify that you have all the rights, power, and authority necessary to submit your article and that you are the holder of copyright of your article;
  2. certify that the language and contents of your guest article are not plagiarized from any other source and do not libel or slander any other party, and that you assume full responsibility for any damages resulting from any claims to the contrary;
  3. agree that, while you retain the copyright to your article, you grant Death with Dignity National Center an unlimited, non-exclusive license to use your article, or any portions of it, on our website and elsewhere in our communications in perpetuity or until you notify us of withdrawing your permission by email, as well as to not use it for any reason
  4. agree to not hold us responsible or liable for any use of your guest article;
  5. agree that any uses by us of your guest article are made with no compensation to you;
  6. understand that your email address will be added to our list to receive occasional updates, from which you may unsubscribe at any time and with no hard feelings on our part.